Aside from holding together the contents of your direct mail package until it is delivered, an envelope has only one job: to get opened. But ask yourself a question. “Are you giving your envelope the same attention to detail that you gave your letter or brochure?” Keep reading and we’ll show you 7 easy ways to make your envelope stand out.

If you do not spend a reasonable amount of time designing your envelope – how can you expect to give your mail a fighting chance at being read?  What follows are some sure fire tips to make your next envelope more special and increase the likelihood that it gets opened.

Add Some Copy

Speak to your targets directly and personally such as “FREE Cards Inside for Serious Collectors Only” or “Exclusive Member Offers Enclosed”. By doing this you make the envelope more personable, targeted, descriptive and interesting.

Use Both Sides

Maximizing the real estate on the envelope can easily extend to using both sides. It will help your envelope stand out from the others and let you share more information, testimonials, or pictures and copy. Did you know you can even have a window on both the front and the back?

Use a Real Stamp

Skip the postal indicia and affix an actual first class stamp. Not only will you get a higher open and response rate, but you can even use fun stamps, theme specific stamps, or special edition stamps for additional impact.

Add Pictures / Photos

Again, keeping in the context of your mailing, a picture or a photo that is relevant is a certain attention grabber. Don’t miss your opportunity here.

Try a New Shape

Using a different shape will help your envelope stand out from the regular # 10’s and #9’s. Try using a booklet, invitation or a square envelope next time! Or go wild and try a custom creation!

Use Different Material

Why not consider something that will affect the sense touch? There are all kinds of material for envelopes – from translucent material to denim to embossing. Each can add an entirely new dimension to your direct mail package.

Try  a Coloured Envelope

There are just as many envelope colours as there are sizes and materials. Add colour and add response! Imagine your fluorescent lime green envelope standing out in a pile of tan and white mail!

The more unique your envelope design is, the more people will pick up and read the material you sent them. When sorting through their mail, whatever stands out and catches their eyes first will naturally get their attention first.  At Honeycomb Direct Mail we know direct mail and we know envelopes. We can help you come up with something that will certainly help generate the ‘wow’ factor which translates into the open factor. Contact a Direct Marketing Advisor today and discuss ALL of the elements of your next mailing.

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