Here is a selection of must read material for the savvy direct marketer. Each one of these classic books offers insights and information that will help shape your marketing and advertising concepts - it's what we call Honeycomb Recommended Reading. We have several copies of each book in our own marketing library, but more often than not, these classics can found on one of our Direct Marketing Advisors desks.

If you are interested, we have made them available for quick purchase at Simply click the book for a full description and to order right away. Keep browsing to find a special offer from Honeycomb Direct Mail.

Ogilvy on Advertising No BS Direct Marketing Tested Advertising Methods
How To Write A Good Advertisement Successful Direct Marketing Methods Secrets of Direct Marketing
Confessions of an Advertising Man Successful Direct Marketing Methods How to Make Your Advertising Make Money
  Scientific Advertising  


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Scientific Advertising

Scientific Advertising

Scientific Advertising - Yours Free!
"Nobody, on any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book 7 times. It changed the course of my life." - David Ogilvy

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