Canada Post Warns of SPAM. . . With the Possibility of a Virus.


Back in May Canada Post was spoofed by a Spammer who was redirecting unsuspecting email recipients to different sales focused websites or to open potentially dangerous links. Canadians received an email that in most cases bypassed their SPAM filters and landed in their inbox. The official looking email suggests that the recipient has missed the delivery of a package by Canada Post and to follow a link in the email. Looking at the link it appears to be genuine, but that too is masked.

Well it appears the purveyor(s) of this SPAM are at it again. Several online communities are discussing the latest occurrence. The best defense against these types of incidents is truly public knowledge.

Canada Post has yet to release a statement about this new occurence, but here is what they said last time.

Here is what Canada Post suggests:

1.       If you feel the email is suspicious or there is an attachment, delete it.

2.       Whether you are expecting a package delivery by Canada Post or not, and there is a tracking number in the email, you can do the following:

  • Check the tracking number by going directly to and entering the tracking number on the home page where indicated.
  • If the tracking number is not valid, "Invalid Tracking Number format. Please check your entries and try again." will appear on the screen in red letters. Delete the email without clicking any links which may be in the email.

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