Impact Reports

Our Specialty: Identifying areas of insight to increase opportunity

If communicating and delivering your message effectively is important, then making sure your message hits your desired target is critical. At Honeycomb Direct Mail, we work with you to maximize your strategic advantage through the use of Impact Reports.

Extracting vital information from your database will allow your business to open new windows of insight and will help you identify important communication avenues. Understanding your database and your customer segment behaviours will allow you to speak to your customers like never before.

Imagine the power to take your history, learn from it, and then grow your business without executing a program based on gut feel or simply because it is what you have always done.

It is crucial to get the right message to the right people. Let us help you identify those folks.


Our Specialty: High Quality, Full Variable Printing

No matter what type of piece you are looking to print, Honeycomb Direct Mail has the solution for you, full colour, personalized, you name it. While developing your program, our Direct Marketing Advisors will provide you with all the available options – at all price points. Postcards, letters, invitations, whatever you can think of, we can get it done.

Mail Services

Our Specialty: High Quality, On-Time Delivery

Honeycomb Direct Mail has all the internal capabilities to process your mail – including, printing, folding, trimming, inserting, sealing and delivery to the postal authorities. High quality services and on-time delivery – that’s our promise!

Pre-Press & Design

Navigating Through the Masses

A Better List Means Better Results -  If you do not have your own list, we can help you to aquire one and determine which strategy will work best for you.

The Right List - Whether renting or purchasing, making sure that your list is clean, complete and current is integral to a successful mailing campaign.By using sophisticated software we are able to segment your list by demographic, age, consumer lifestyle, shopping habits, household income and more.  We  have the tools and knowledge to help connect your business with your ideal customers. 


If you would prefer not to use a personalized list and would  like to target your mailing by a specific area or postal code we can find your target audience through a variety of StatsCan filters including age, geographic location, average income, etc – the list is endless.

Direct Marketing Advice

Our Specialty: Direct Marketing Strategic Planning

Direct marketing is the practice of targeting specific marketing messages to specific target groups. Honeycomb Direct Mail has the experience and industry knowledge to help each and every client build the best direct marketing campaign possible.

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